Police Finally Think They Know Who’s Been Killing Homeless People in Baton Rouge

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Police in Louisiana’s capital city have arrested a man over the recent shooting deaths of three homeless people, which for weeks left the unsheltered residents of Baton Rouge on edge.

Jeremy Anderson, a 29-year-old local man, is now facing two counts of first-degree murder and one count of second-degree murder after his arrest Wednesday night, city officials said at a news conference Thursday.

While a potential motive hasn’t been released, Anderson is accused of killing two homeless people — Christina Fowler and Gregory Corcoran — in mid-December, and Tony Williams, who is also homeless, last week. He reportedly confessed to killing Fowler and Corcoran, according to The Advocate, the local paper of Baton Rouge. He also allegedly made incriminating statements that placed him at the scene of the crimes, police said at Thursday’s news conference.

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It’s unclear whether he had a relationship with any of the people he’s accused of killing. Police executed a search warrant and seized evidence from a local home that aided in Anderson’s arrest, according to ABC News. It’s also unclear who Anderson’s attorney may be.

Police had publicly speculated the killings could be connected, and warned Baton Rouge’s homeless to seek shelter when possible. The city’s police also said they were in contact with state and federal authorities.

Williams was found dead last week on the porch of a vacant home, not far from the underpass where Fowler and Corcoran were found shot to death under an overpass weeks earlier.

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