Speed Up Your Weight Loss With These 6 Expert-Approved Tips

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The weight seems to be taking forever to fall off. Are you constantly finding yourself on the scale? Maybe from this morning to this evening, something miraculous has happened, you think to yourself. Steps on the scale. Oh, the disappointment. You may want to pull your hair out. Raise the white flag because it just isn’t worth it.

Give yourself a break. Weight loss is not a process you can or should want to rush. It is very healthy for weight to decrease slowly and evenly. However, many can empathize with your frustration and struggle. You want results you can physically appreciate, not just small decreases in numbers on the scale. Try these six tips from fitness experts. Some should definitely work in your favor to speed up your weight loss.

I Don’t See It, Do You?

Ah, the dreaded question of every spouse. Honey, do I look fat? The scale says I’ve lost two pounds, but that can’t be right, and besides, there should be more after two months, shouldn’t there? I don’t see any proof, and I look the same!

A helpful tip is to try to visualize exactly how many pounds you’ve lost. So, two pounds. That may sound insignificant, but the observation on weight loss comparisons to objects can put a new spin on things. What around the home can equate to two pounds? Maybe a two-pound bag of flour or rice. See how heavy that is? Realization can then form, and suddenly those two pounds have you doing a happy dance. You’re energized to do even more.

Get. More. Sleep

Now, if you’re already getting your eight hours in, this isn’t for you. For those of you struggling to catch even five hours of Zs, pay attention. Research has proven that sleeping between six to eight hours nightly can double your weight loss. Doesn’t that seem like getting a bonus for free? But I need to do this or that. Put yourself first for a change and see the benefits.

drinking water for weight loss

Water Your Body

It’s kind of crazy that many people pay their plants more care and attention than themselves. One of the first things you should do after waking is to drink a glass of water. Before meals and consistently throughout the day, water consumption can curb your hunger, cause you to eat less, and lose more pounds. With your cravings diminished, what was sure to be empty-calorie devouring can be averted.

Keep Track Of What You Eat

You may be eating much more than you are aware of. At the slightest twinge of hunger, you run to food. You may not even experience hunger; just the thought of something tasty is enough to have you happily skipping to the kitchen. If you make yourself accountable, dropping the pounds can occur even faster. Say to yourself, and I will stick to three meals today. And do that. Write down what you had in a food journal, detail how big your portions were. Be descriptive. If you ‘cheat,’ write that down too. Seeing triggers a deeper knowing. Work from there.

eat healthy snacks for weight loss

Snack Healthily

It may be very hard not to cheat. If that’s the case for you, at least ensure that when you give in to the temptation, you reach for something healthy. An apple, some nuts, yogurt. Not oily chips, doughnuts, and sodas. Empty calories are the enemy. The thought of packing the pounds back on should be a sufficient deterrent for you to talk yourself down.

The sacrifices necessary on this journey are serious. Ensure your cupboards and fridge are stocked with only healthy options. That way, you nick the destructive type of cheating in the bud. I’m rooting for you.

Activate Muscle Building

Incorporate strength training into your workout. The more you engage your muscles, the more you activate your metabolism. A high metabolism translates into a great number of calories burned. Try squats, lunges, curls, and pull-downs for four sets, doing about ten reps of each. Feel that burn. It feels like a victory, doesn’t it?

Rest for about two minutes. Gradually increase your weights. Don’t become despondent if your scale shows again. Remember, you’re building muscle which adds weight. At the same time, however, fat is being blasted away.

The road to your goal weight can be wrought with many traps and pitfalls. There are so many factors that can slip you up, distract you and throw you off the path. That may come in the form of laziness, lack of dedication, an insane attraction to bad snacks, poor sleep habits, and unwarranted self-judging. Who can claim to be without some vice? The important thing is to push past those. Dig deep and do the work. You’ll feel good and look even better.



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