Today Pinterest Ads arrives in Mexico. We tell you how to use them to advertise

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Mexico became the first Hispanic country in Latin America to receive this platform, after its launch in Brazil.

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Pinterest announced the arrival in Mexico of its ad service, Pinterest Ads , for all companies in the republic.

In this way, Mexico became the first Hispanic country in Latin America to receive this platform, after its launch in Brazil. Through a statement, the social network indicated that in the coming weeks it will be working closely with advertising agencies and selected brands to build good practices and local success stories.

The interest of the social network in the national market is not surprising since only in Mexico it has 23 million unique monthly users. According to the brand, people use Pinterest to discover ideas: for their wardrobe, for their new home, for their next vacation.

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“97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded, which is why the service is such an effective place to reach people while they are still considering their next purchase and haven’t decided on a brand. Pinterest is one of rare platforms where it is really possible for brands to interact with new customers who are intentional, open and make purchasing decisions, “the social network said in a statement.

“We are pleasantly surprised with the receptivity of advertisers and agencies to our Ads in Brazil, where we launched a month ago as our first country in the region. Therefore, we have decided to accelerate to reach Mexico now, where brands will now be able to reach our audience of more than 23 million users, according to comScore, through inspiring content in different formats, such as image, video or product catalog. . Brands play a fundamental role in the platform, making it easier for users to find the inspiration to create the life they want, and we are very excited that now they can do so through ads, ”said André Loureiro, CEO of Pinterest for America. Latin.

How to create an ad on Pinterest?

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Pinterest is a good place to advertise and actually sell. According to an Adweek study, 49% of Pinterest users enter through a catalog and 30% of its users on mobile devices use the application to decide their purchases.

Pinterest Ads is simple to use and to start you must do the following:

  • Create your Pinterest business account. Do it here .
  • Create dashboards and start pinning relevant content to them.
  • Start following other Pinterest users or brands related to your product.
  • Sign up to use Pinterest Ads (Promoted Pins). You can do it here .
  • Click Ads at the top of the screen, then Create ad.
  • Click Ads in the navigation panel on the left side.
  • Select the Pins you want to promote:
    • Click on the icon to filter ads by format or to show only existing ads.
    • Click All Pins to see all of their Pins or Boards to select Pins from their boards.
    • Click on the search bar to search for a specific Pin.
    • Click All Pins , then the icon to open the Pin generator and create an organic Pin. To create multiple Pins, click at the top of the Pin generator screen or click the icon on a Pin to duplicate it. To edit or delete multiple Pins, click the Select All checkbox at the top of the screen or the checkbox next to individual Pins, then click Edit Selected or Delete Selected . Once complete, click Publish to publish your organic Pins.
  • Under Selected Pins, click Review Selected Pins to add details to your ads:
    • Review and edit the ad name to change how your ad will be tagged inyour reports .
    • Review and edit the ad destination URL and add optional tracking parameters.
  • Click Start .
    • If your campaign is missing necessary information, the errors will be highlighted in red on the left side of the screen.
    • When everything is in order, your pins will go through an ad review process to make sure they follow Pinterest’s advertising guidelines .

Find more information on the official Pinterest page of Mexico .,


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